Main Centre, 50 beds

Main Building

The Main Centre is our largest accommodation option.  All the rooms have bunk beds and are centerally heated. The dorms can be sperated into male and female areas each with their own toilet and shower block. Cloakroom space allows outdoor kit to be hung up or dried in the drying room before entering the main hall. 

We often provide catered courses but our large commercial kitchen can also be used by self catering groups with utensils and crockery for up to 70 people.

Meeting and lounge area  Dormitory room with bunk beds Pool table and lounge facilities in the games room eating facilities in the dinning room

Cost for self-catered accommodation

The centre can be booked as accommodation only. Self catered accommodation costs from £15 per person per night. If you are booking a residential activity course, and have chosen self-catering, this will be included in the price. The centre can also be booked for exclusive use, prices vary depending on the season, please contact us for a quote. Bedding can be provided at an extra cost.

Main Centre Plan

Main Centre Green Area

Main Centre Green Area