Walking DofE Expeditions

The DofE expeditions are a memorable part of of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. We run expeditions on foot for Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards around North Wales and in the mountains of Snowdonia. 

Bronze DofE Expedition

The Bronze expedition is over two days and one night. We mainly use the lowland areas around Llyn Brenig, the Clwyd Hills or open land on the Llyn. These areas can be used for training, practice or assessment expeditions.

Our training uses ML qualified instructors to impart essential navigation skills, emergency procedures and camp craft. We allocate one instructor per group so that they receive specific training for their needs. 

We monitor the groups closely when they are on their unsupervised expedition, while allowing them the feeling of independence.

Silver DofE Expedition

The walking expedition at Silver is over three days and two nights with 7 hours activity on each day. We have a variety of areas we use including the Conwy Valley, Northern foothills of Snowdonia, Valley areas around Snowdonia National Park. All of these can be used for training, practices or qualifying expeditions.

We train groups up using ML qualified staff to be self sufficient in the hills and remoter terrain. We encourage them to explore the foothills around Snowdonia park, making sure they have all the skills to look after themselves in this terrain.

On assessment we supply our own assessors and can organise all the logistics for you.

Gold DofE Expedition

At Gold we encourage the groups to discover the mountain areas across Snowdonia, possibly summiting some of the tops if they so wish. The expeditions are over 4 days with 3 nights which includes 8 hours of activity time.

In the mountain terrain we make sure they have a higher level of navigation and understanding of the weather plus procedures should there be an emergency. It is also encouraged for the participants to experience wild camping, something they always keep treasured memories of. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors ensure they can look after themselves enabling a more enjoyable expedition.

All assessors can be supplied for the qualifying expedition.

Expedition Camping Kit

We can supply all the tents, stoves, rucksacs and group kit for Bronze, Silver and Gold expedition. We can use the Arete Centre as a base on training or a finish points for expeditions. This allows groups the opportunity for accommodation before or after their expedition and an area to sort out kit.

If team members are also missing personal kit, like boots and waterproofs, these can also be provided.

Further Information

We can help with all parts of planning before and after the expedition if required