Cliff Abseiling

Abseiling is a popular and exciting activity on the local cliffs around North Wales. It involves trusting the rope and lowering yourself over the edge. We use a variety of natural cliffs for the activity that can either be easy angled or steep and high. We tailor the activity for each individual group so they get the right level of adventure. Abseiling provides the opportunity to be in exposed positions that you never thought would be possible.

Personal Challenge

This is an activity where, time and time again, we see individuals who are initially unsure and nervous, step forward to achieve more than they thought possible, encouraged by those around. An amazing feeling of satisfaction and achievement for all.

This is a good activity to combine with rock climbing.


Safety is always at the heart of every activity.  While abseiling you will have a safety back up rope attached and an instructor talking you through the technique and monitoring your descent. They will always be on hand to make sure there are no problems.


As with our other activities, abseiling can be booked by private Adult or Family Groups. Prices start at £195 for two people with each additional person (up to a maximum group size of 10) adding £15 to the cost. Contact us for available dates.

An abseil is an integral part of many of our Schools and Youth courses at Arete.

An abseil could well be integrated into either the multi-activity or rock-based Gold DofE Residentials or young persons' Summer Camps.

For those wishing to instruct others in abseiling the SPA Award courses offer the appropriate professional training and assessment.