Sea Level Traversing

Keeping dry while exploring the sea cliffs and zawns of the Anglesey coast, through the sea level traversing activity. Ropes are used to create a multitude of clip-lines across the cliffs for the group to follow. An outdoor high-ropes course at truly impressive and stunning natural venues. The combination of personal challenge and opportunity to look around and learn about the coastal environment makes this a popular activity with all ages.

Zip Lines

These are also known as tyroleans where ropes are stretched across sea zawns and inlets. Some are 25m long and groups can slide from one side to the other. Some are horizontal and require pulling on the rope or trying a commando crawl for a more elegant style. At all times you will be fully attached by tested safety gear so safety is not a problem, nor is excitement or fun.

Roped Traverses

As the name suggests sea level traversing involves going across the sea cliffs, while securely clipped to the rope. We can rig the rope at various heights either creating introductory circuits or high level excitement on this activity. Similar to via ferrata abroad it allows access to parts of the sea cliffs and positions you never thought you would experience.

The sea level traversing activity works well with coasteering for a full day out at the seaside of Anglesey.



As with our other activities, sea level traversing can be booked by private Adult or Family Groups. Prices start at £195 for two people with each additional person (up to a maximum group size of 10) adding £15 to the cost. Contact us for available dates.

Sea level traversing is an integral part of many of our Schools and Youth courses at Arete. Example 5 day catered residetial from £235 per pupil.

A sea level traverse could well be integrated into either the multi-activity or rock-based Gold DofE Residentials or young persons' Summer Camps.