Kit List

The Arete activity courses are held at outdoor venues across the mountains of Snowdonia and along the coastline of Anglesey. The changing weather adds to the beauty of the area and the sense of real adventure. For this reason it is important to pack and be prepared for all eventualities, to ensure a comfortable stay.

We have drawn up a recommended kit list below. At the centre we do have specialist kit for the outdoor activities that includes waterproofs, fleeces, walking boots and wetsuits. These can be used by all course members, but feel free to bring any of your own items too. Please don’t bring along any new or expensive items of clothing that aren’t designed for the outdoors. Be prepared to be a muddy and wet at times.

Note the centre isn’t responsible for any expensive or treasured items, and we recommend such items are left at home.

Recommended Kit for an Outdoor Residential Course:

1. One fitted single sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover, or a sleeping bag plus single sheet and pillowcase (to ptotect our pillows and mattresses) if you would prefer. (This is to keep charges as low as possible. If required the cost of linen hire is £3 per pupil for linen). Duvets and pillows are provided.
2. At least two pairs of thick ski or walking socks with a ‘loopstitch’. Thin socks are hard on the feet and cause sores and blisters.
3. At least two warm jumpers or fleeces with long sleeves.
4. Two pairs of warm trousers to wear during activities. Track suit bottoms are quite adequate. Please don’t bring jeans for activities as they aren’t suitable.
5. A different T-shirts or similar to wear each day during activities. Thermal tops are ideal if you have any.
6. A warm hat and a pair of gloves plus sun hat and sun cream to cover all weather options.
7. Shorts and swimwear. Extra old shorts to wear over the top of the westsuits.
8. Underwear and nightwear.
9. A set of casual clothes to wear around the Centre during the evenings.
10. Toiletries and two large towels (one large enough to preserve modesty whilst changing outside, one for the bathrooms).
11. Pocket money if you wish to use the onsite souvenir and tuck shop.
12. Torch with spare batteries.
13. At least one pair of old normal trainers to wear during water sessions and a dry pair for land activities and travelling to venues. Sturdy trainers with laces rather than thin soled slip-on shoes. Not football astro shoes as the rubber is too hard and slippy on rock.
14. Sandwich Box and 500ml water bottle (any plastic bottle will do).
15. Medication if necessary.
16. Carrier bag to return wet/dirty clothing.
17. If you have your own waterproofs, walking boots, wetsuit or wellies please feel to bring them along to use on activities.

For easy storage and to create more room in the dorms, please bring belongings in a soft bag rather than a rigid suitcase.