Primary Schools

We tailor our activities and adventures to Primary Schools and pupils in KS2. Leadership, team-building and responsibility are encouraged through activities that explore the outdoor world. It may be the first time away from home, but our residential experience is friendly and welcoming. This enables pupils to flourish in their new surroundings and develop new found confidence in their achievements.

Outdoor Programme

Each day local outdoor venues are used around Snowdonia and Anglesey. There are a choice of activities to participate in, all of which involve real adventure and exploration of the outdoor world. A general activity theme will be chosen for the day, but often bushcraft and team building exercises are built in - there is never a dull moment. As we have such experienced and qualified staff there will be the opportunity for adventures they will never forget.

Each programme is tailored for your group depending on their age and needs. We are flexible with the content allowing the pupils to define their own goals and as they grow in confidence suitable challenges can be presented. See the full list of activities.

Benefits of our Outdoor Education

Thinking Skills and Assessment for Learning: In our everyday work in the outdoor classroom, we give the children opportunities to develop their 'assessment for learning' techniques. During activities instructors challenge children to evaluate their work and think about ways they and others can be more successful e.g. rock climbing - how can they climb more efficiently? It helps them to plan, develop and reflect on aspects of their day, something which they are used to in everyday school life. This reinforcement enables them to use these skills more successfully, helping them to overcome more challenging situations.

Team Building and Leadership: The activities require the pupils to work together, be that belaying the ropes while climbing or paddling together in canoes. Success is easily seen when everyone is actively involved. We give pupils appropriate choices through each day as to the content and direction of an activity, enabling the pupils to be involved with decisions and appoint leaders.

Life Long Skills: Education is more than just academic studies. Primary pupils will come away from Arete Centre with a new positive attitude, we will nurture and support even the most apprehensive child. This they will take with them and remember, applying their new found skills to their future lifestyle choices.

Catered Residential

Arete centre provides a home from home. We are set up to fully cater the pupils, supplying breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bedrooms are split into separate dormitories for girls and boys of varying sizes. Each are furnished so that the pupils are safe and comfortable. Open social areas and a games room allow for evening entertainment while there is a separate room for staff to relax in themselves.

Evening Activities

As an optional extra, evening activities can be provided by the instructional staff. These can include walks on the beach, orienteering, team building and an online blog. Alternatively some schools prefer to manage their own evening programme for which equipment is available to use if required. That is if the primary school pupils have enough energy left after a full day of adventure.


The centre provides minibuses and drivers to transport the children to all the activity venues we use. These are fully serviced with appropriately licensed drivers.