A Level and 6th Form

For Sixth Form pupils we develop a greater independence in line with their extra maturity. Our outdoor courses are tailored for the older pupils either by making the activities more adventerous or teaching field work to a higher level. They learn important life skills as they make steps towards adulthood.


We may undertake similar activities, but the venues will be quite different. We look to challenge each individual, and North Wales can always offer something higher, bigger and with extra excitement to suit the ability and experience. This could be for rock climbing, kayaking and canoeing or mountaineering, particularly when they are draped in snow. See land activity or water activity pages.

Study Week

In our purpose built classroom we can offer the option for students to come away to a friendly environment, where they can work alongside peers and teachers to focus on their studies. This can be combined with outdoor activities which gives students some 'down time' for relaxation and team building. This combination has worked well in the past.  Students have less distractions to help them concentrate on studies and opportunities to focus on their own learning, they also have an experienced teacher, from their school, to support them. It helps to develop a positive relationship between peer and teacher, which can be a great motivator when leading up to exams.

Field Studies and Curriculum Coverage

At Arete Centre we can provide education courses to help with the training and assessment of aspects of the A level P.E. syllabus. We can work with you on any exam board syllabus on adventurous activities including:

We can provide field study sessions to support different curriculum areas through outdoor education. 

National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service is a government initiative which provides a development programme for young people of the ages of 16-17 years old, helping to develop young people's skills for life, whilst taking on new challenges. At Arete Outdoor Centre we are providing the adventurous activities element for this initiative through the The Challenge

If your Sixth Form pupils are looking for adventure or have specific A level modules to be completed then we can tailor an outdoor course for you. Experienced providers for this age group, we can connect with each pupil so they get the most from the course.