Educational Benefits

Learning outside the classroom has many educational benefits which include inspiring individuals in their learning and developing the whole child.  Our outdoor education courses provide an exciting new platform for learning and offers experiences which cannot be reproduced indoors. Young people are given first hand experiences which they may not be able to discover in a classroom.

Educational Benefits Summary:

As identified by 'High Quality Outdoor Learning' (English Outdoor Council 2015) the desired outcomes of a residential experience such as that offered by Arete are:

The staff at Arete are experienced in grounding their adventurous activities in sound educational practices and strive to ensure that all pupils can enjoy these positive benefits.

Skill Development

Opportunities are given for young people to develop life-long learning skills which can be used in different environments.  These skills can be transferable and used in different situations. Outdoor learning is positively promoted by the government, Ofsted and Estyn.  Research shows that well planned outdoor learning can have a positive effect on a child's social, emotional and personal development. Here at Arete Outdoors we pride ourselves on working alongside teachers and other professionals to tailor made courses to suit the needs of the students. 

Subject Studies

Courses can be tailor made to support different areas of the curriculum and fit in with a syllabus or teacher's plans. For example we have run geographical field trips related to water sources and glaciation, exploring features through white water kayaking, gorge walking, sea kayaking and rib rides. This allows students to explore a natural process with first-hand experience, which they would not be able to replicate in a classroom, through exciting adventurous activities. If you have a syllabus you need to cover and want a unique way of putting ideas, feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Personal and Social Development and Well Being

In outdoor learning and courses run at the Arete Centre, skills can be developed.  Young people are given the chance to strive to achieve goals and complete tasks, helping them to develop self-esteem.  Often this can lead to a higher level of self-motivation, a 'want to do better' attitude which can then be channelled into their academic studies. In different activities, children have the opportunities to work with other peers, adults and professionals.  They have to look at the different roles needed in situations and consider ways to work as a team.  In the outdoors they have to make decisions about the actions they take.  They will explore a range of different emotions and think of ways to manage them, in real life situations. Alongside experienced instructors they have to look at the way they participate in different activities and analyse risk for themselves. An important development step. They will experience different challenges which will help them develop skills to cope in everyday situations.

Arete's Outdoor Classroom

Arete has a purpose built classroom, where studies from the outdoors can be enhanced and developed after a day on the hill. Study breaks can be an opportunity to combine study sessions with outdoor activities. These opportunities have been seen in the past to have a positive impact on young people's development. It gives them focused time to study, with teacher support with opportunities to relax and enjoy.

More information can be seen on what makes for a quality outdoor education experience on the English Outdoor Council publication High Quality Outdoor Learning