We use many different lakes to canoe or kayak on but our local venue is the best. Llyn Padarn is just 5 minutes drive from the centre and is approximately 3kms long with interesting lagoons to explore on both sides of the lake.

Canoeing on Llyn Padarn

We use open canoes (similar style to 'Indian' canoes) for journey and exploring. In each boat you can seat 2 or 3 people plus it is also possible to raft the boats together to make a stable platform for bigger groups. The open canoes glide nicely on the water and are great for beginners to quickly pick up basic maneuvering strokes.We will explore the lake's lagoons which offer interest and calm water while the open lake is great for going on a journey. We coach how to paddle and control the boat with great team building opportunities as the groups need to work together for effective paddling.

Canoe games are always fun and there are many variations. Racing, weaving and catching or if you enjoy a swim, jumping and balancing.

Kayaking on Llyn Padarn

The kayaks are generally single person boats. We have both sit on tops and closed cockpit (sit-in) kayaks depending on the group's preference. People often enjoy having full control themselves to race and manoeuvre around the lake. We move together as a group and encourage everyone to help each other should some need an extra hand in directing the kayak. There will be plenty of coaching too with tips and tricks of how to paddle.

Favourite kayak games include polo, scoring goals with a ball, relay races or balancing on and running over the kayaks – trying to avoid landing in the water.


We often take out fire lighting equipment to toast marshmallows, boil water on a Kelly kettle or fry pancakes at lunch time. Using twigs and branches from the shoreline, the group will learn how to safely make fire and the purpose of fires. For more information see here.

Slate Museum

With a trip in the boats across the lake there is an opportunity to view the slate quarries and visit the free museum. This interactive attraction shows the tools they used, the slate they mined and described the hard life slate miners and quarry workers had.

Further Paddlesport Activities

White Water or Sea Kayaking

Enjoy kayaking on the lake? Groups can have the opportunity to take the kayaking to more advanced venues such as on the sea with a variety of coastal venues around Anglesey or white water either on the Menai Straits or the mountain rivers.

Canoe Journeys

Enjoy canoeing and journeying? There are longer journeys on the estuaries such as Conwy Estuary, or down the Menai Straits, the water that divides mainland Wales from Anglesey.


As with our other activities, canoeing or kayaking can be booked by private Adult or Family Groups. Prices start at £195 for two people with each additional person (up to a maximum group size of 10) adding £15 to the cost. Contact us for available dates.

Canoeing and kayaking are an integral part of most of our Schools and Youth courses at Arete. Example 5 day catered residetial from £235 per pupil.

Canoeing or kayaking could well be integrated into the multi-activity, and would be the main focus for the water-based, Gold DofE Residentials or young persons' Summer Camps.

For those wishing to gain qualifications and/or lead others in canoes or kayaks the UKCC Paddlesport page offers the relevant professional training and assessment opportunities.