The North Wales coast of Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula is surrounded by the Irish Sea.  This expanse of water has the potential to provide a decent swell which is perfect for surfing.

At Arete we can provide kayak surfing or body boarding.

Kayak Surfing

Whether in Sea Kayaks or White Water Kayaks, we can provide a surfing session for you. Learn how to:

or just have fun!


Have fun splashing about in the waves, bodyboarding is a good way to be introduced to surfing and can be picked up quickly.  

Bodyboarding sessions can begin with messing around in the swell and progress to more complex manoeuvers and tricks.


As with our other activities, surfing can be booked by private Adult or Family Groups. Prices start at £195 for two people with each additional person (up to a maximum group size of 10) adding £15 to the cost. Contact us for available dates.

Surfing forms part of many of our Schools and Youth courses at Arete. Example 5 day catered residetial from £235 per pupil.

Surfing could well be integrated into the multi-activity or water-based Gold DofE Residentials or young persons' Summer Camps.