Summer Camps

Summer camps

Residential Activity Weeks

During the school summer holidays we run residential activity weeks for young people who are looking for an adventure, to have fun and to develop new skills, plus if you are at Gold level you can use it for you DofE residential. 

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Come and spend a week of your summer holidays at Arete Outdoor Centre. We offer 5-day activity courses, where you can join other young people for a week of fun. There are a choice of three course options and the week can also count as your Gold DofE residential.

Multi-Activity Week: Participate in popular activities such as coasteering, gorge scrambling, rock climbing and kayaking. Choose your preferred activities as the week progresses. More details.

Water Activity Week: Concentrate on all those activities that involve getting wet. Explore the coastline of Anglesey and rivers and gorges of Eryri (Snowdonia). More details.

Rock Activity Week: Based either in the mountains or on the rock of North Wales. Climb, scramble and walk. More details.

Accommodation: All course options are fully catered and based in Arete Outdoor Centre, North Wales. 

Cost:  £305 per person

Dates:   For all options; 

25th-29th July 2022, 1st-5th August 2022, 22nd-26th August 2022, 24th-28th October 2022

12:00 start on the first day and 15:00 finish on the last day.

Ages: From 16 to 24 for the residential activity course.

Transport: Pickups and drop offs are available to and from Bangor train station. Car park available for those self driving.

You can arrive the night before or leave the morning after the course finishes if it helps with transport options. An extra £15 per night will applied if this is the case.

Booking: Please contact us with your preferred dates and activity option. 

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multi-activity week

All activity options are possible on our multi-activity week. We discuss activity options each morning with all the groups and go for the preferred option. We head out for the whole day, be that into the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia) or over to the coast around Anglesey.

Wet activity days could be cosasteering or gorge scrambling with their mix of jumping, swimming and climbing while on a journey. Canoeing or kayaking is also popular be that on the lake or more adventurous trips on the sea or white water rivers. Lastly surfing is always a fun option off one of the local beaches.  

More land based activities often include rock climbing or abseiling, with many interesting cliffs around North Wales.  You can’t fail but notice the many obvious mountain challenges from the centre. Less obvious are the old abondened slate mines we can go down and explore. 

The perfect option for the person who wants to try it all!

Dates & Cost:  £305 per person 

25th-29th July 2022, 1st-5th August 2022, 22nd-26th August 2022, 24th-28th October 2022

water activity week

If you like the idea of a week that involves getting wet, then this is for you!

We offer coasteering on the sea cliffs and gorge scrambling up the steep rivers of Eryri (Snowdonia). Both involve scrambling, jumping, swimming along a journey of exploration.

We also have a full range of kayaks and canoes. Specialist sea kayaks can explore the coastline, white water kayaks for the rivers or canoes for more placid journeys.

Our new stand-up paddle boards offer fun lake sessions or combine well with our body boards for surf sessions.

Dates & Cost:  £305 per person 

25th-29th July 2022, 1st-5th August 2022, 22nd-26th August 2022, 24th-28th October 2022

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rock activity week

 If you fancy the idea of a week Rock Climbing and Mountaineering then North Wales is the place to be. Within a short distance of the centre there are short introductory crags, sea cliffs and long mountain routes.  The rock week focuses on climbing and walking. There is no set programme, rather a discussion each day as to everyone’s preferred option. 

If you are novice there are plenty of introductory crags to quickly get you moving on the rock.  Those with more experienced you can refine your technique on harder routes or look at gear placements and ropework.  There is also a 2 day ‘multi-pitch’ option for an extra £120 per person. This allows guiding up longer mountain routes or more committing sea cliffs at lower ratios.  If you want the extra experience or challenge then these low ratios days are when you can really push yourself. 

On the mountains there are many big peaks we can summit.  Many also have the option of scrambling routes, which will require using your hands plus a rope for the harder ones. Extra skills such as navigation can be covered if desired.  

Dates & Cost:  £305 per person 

25th-29th July 2022, 1st-5th August 2022, 22nd-26th August 2022, 24th-28th October 2022