Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in North Wales is an exciting challenge. It involves scaling the cliffs and crags that are located close to the centre and around North Wales. There are climbs of all difficulty suiting young people on their first climbing adventure or seasoned professionals who will travel far and wide for the ultimate challenge. We are fortunate to have a range of different rock types around Eryri (Snowdonia), each giving a unique style of climbing and all located in beautiful settings.

Learn new skills, and be given the confidence to put them into practice at height

"I loved trying lots of different climbing routes. It was tricky at times, but a great feeling when you complete each challenge."
Harry White

Bouldering & Weasling

A typical day climbing will start with bouldering. This involves playing on the rocks close to the ground, where fellow team members can keep each other safe through ‘spotting’. Techniques are tried and challenges undertaken as the group explore movement on rock together.

Weaseling is another activity often incorporated into bouldering, which involves squeezing through gaps and holes in the rock and boulders. Various interconnected squeezes create a mini caving expedition.

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Single Pitch Climbing

On to the main cliffs, where ropes and harnesses are used to allow safe, adventurous fun up to the top. The groups learn to look after each other through belaying, holding and managing the rope. With a tight rope above, the activity is perfectly safe, but still allows the rush of excitement as the groups climb into lofty positions.  To return to ground, the groups learn how to be lowered off, leaning back onto the rope while their teammates control the descent.

Multi-Pitch Climbing

For advanced groups multi-pitch climbing can also be offered. The bigger and more complex cliffs have to be done in stages allowing 200m+ climbs to be achieved. For those who love climbing this is the next step, you can’t help but be impressed. Classic routes on Idwal Slabs in Ogwen, Llanberis Pass and Tremadog all offer a multitude of options at all grades. This has to be done at lower ratios with 1:2 being ideal although still possible at 1:4.

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Learning Outcomes

For Outdoor Education Courses

  • Work as a team to support members to ascend and descend the cliff.
  • Classify physical geographical features of rock formation.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve a goal.
  • Use a range of techniques and skills, combining body movements to ascend up trickier rock faces.

Activity Venues

We are located near Llanberis in North Wales, so within 10 minutes drive we have ideal beginner venues around Llyn Padarn and more advanced climbs for all levels in the Llanberis Pass – the valley between Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) and the Glyder mountain range.  Popular slate climbing venues are based in the quarries overlooking Llanberis allowing for interesting exploration around the old quarry workings too.  A short drive to the ever sunny crags of Anglesey or Tremadog allow us to find dry Welsh rock even on those days when the mountains are shrouded in mist.

Rock Climbing Courses

Rock climbing forms part of our outdoor education courses at Arete, it is a great activity with plenty to learn for the novice or well experienced alike. Through the outdoor adventures, and residential stay, we incorporate a range of educational benefits for the pupils. Rock climbing can also be part of geography field work, looking at mountain processes or geology. 

Courses of all lengths available throughout the year. A dedicated and experienced instructor is allocated per group. They will tailor the outdoor education programme, that will be flexible to adjust to pupil progression and weather.

Costs: As an example, a 5 day fully catered course starts from just £235 per pupil for courses in November – February.

How to Book: Please email or use our contact form. Let us know the time of year, approximate size of course, year group and any aspirations or learning objectives you may have.

 See our Primary or Secondary section from more information on our outdoor education courses. We also have a general Teachers & Leaders Guide.

All of our activities, including rock climbing, can be booked as a private session for any type of group. Rock climbing can be a half day or full day activity. It is also possible to combine with one other activity for a full multi-activity day. Possible combinations include rock climbing and canoeing, kayaking or abseiling.

Costs: Regardless of activity combinations, £70 per person for a full day of activity, £50 per person for half day of activity.
Minimum payment of £280 for a full day or £200 for a half day of activity.

Discounts: For groups, every 10th person can attend for free. 10% discount for schools, colleges, scouts & guides, cadets and certain youth charities.

Ratios: We run our courses at low ratios of 1:11 or less to ensure your safety and maximum participation.

Included: Safety kit, rock boots/walking boots, helmets and harness waterproofs as necessary. Transport can also be provided if you’re staying at Arete Outdoor Centre.

How to Book: Please email or use our contact form. Let us know your preferred date, approximate size of course, year group and any aspirations or learning objectives you may have.

More information: Please see our page on Adult Groups, Youth Groups or Family Activity.

We run Gold DofE Residential courses and Summer Camps during the holidays. Rock climbing can form a part of this 5 day multi-activity course. The accommodation is fully catered. You will meet like-minded individuals and have a great week of adventure.

2018 Dates:  20-24 August, 27-31 August.

Cost: £295 per person fully catered

How to Book: Please email or use our contact form. Let us know you preferred date.

More information: See our Gold Residential or Summer Camp page. Alternatively contact us if you have further questions. 

Activity Venues

Anglesey offers impressive sea cliff venues that are challenging and fun. All offer beautiful costal views.

Porth Ruffydd is one of our commonly used venues that works for all ages. There are numerous circuits that can be used so we can make sure we offer the right level of adventure.

Cable Bay is our main venue for primary pupils, with easily accessible cliffs from the beach.