Gorge Scrambling

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Gorge Scrambling

Gorge scrambling involves ascending one of the deep river gorges that cut into the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia).  There are many rock steps and waterfalls to climb up and pools to swim through, as part of this fun and popular activity. There are venues that would suit all ages with options to keep dry or fully engage with the water. This activity can be done year round with many sheltered venues. 

The group had to work together, as they embarked on the journey up the gorge

"I loved playing in the waterfalls and having the freedom to explore with my friends."
Harry White

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We have a choice of venues and will select a gorge that will suitably challenge the group. In all gorges, there are rocky steps to negotiate. The smaller steps we safeguard through ‘spotting’ and would involve the whole group in this safety technique. The steeper gorges require a rope and a harness to keep the climbing sections safe. Various challenges can be attempted, with a varying degree of difficulty suitable for primary ages, secondary and adults. Some gorges offer squeezes and holes to climb through as an ascent is made.

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Swimming and Jumping

If you choose to ascend a wet gorge, we issue you with warm wetsuits so you can fully enjoy the water. There are deep pools that you can jump in from various heights. Slides are created over the smooth water worn rock, dropping into the water below.

Swimming and splashing increase the fun.  There are waterfalls to go under and behind, some being up to 30m high. There are various water challenges for all groups as you travel up to the top to find the exit. The canyoning activity offers a chance to descend a gorge with a great emphasis on getting wet.

Zip Lines and Abseiling

For added adventure we can set up roped activities within the gorge as part of your journey. Abseiling or roped lowers are possible down the various cliffs that form the sides of the gorges. Across the steep sides, we tension ropes so that you can slide across at height for that extra thrill. There are also many higher cliffs to rock climb with roped protection to keep the experience safe and fun.

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Learning Outcomes

For Outdoor Education Courses

  • Solve problems and work as a team to over come challenges faced through out the journey.
  • Manage their own risks and learn about how to keep themselves safe in a new environment.
  • Identify features of the river environment, focusing on elements of physical geography.
  • Show an appreciation for the rivers and the local area and how to care and protect them.

Further in-depth tailor made courses could include:

  • Explain the processes working in the river environment
  • Classify the unique flora and fauna present.

Activity Venues

We have a good range of gorge scrambling venues available allowing us to tailor the activity to the group and current weather conditions in mind. A few are listed below.

Afon Ddu gorge (Welsh for ‘Black River’) offers plenty of opportunities for sliding, squeezing through boulders and using ropes along the way. A spectacular waterfall part way up is a perfect group photo opportunity and a plunge pool at the top is a great personal challenge for the final jump.

Gerionydd gorge has a beautiful lake at the top. Using ropes a ‘Postman’s walk’ can be set up across the river or a bigger zip line. Some small mini mines (old adits) can be explored along the journey.

Afon Goch (‘Red River’) is a shorter gorge but no less impressive with fantastic open views over the beautiful lake of Llyn Dinas.  There are plenty of opportunities for teamwork and a good amount of splashing and getting wet too!

Gorge Scrambling Courses

Gorge scrambling forms part of our outdoor education courses at Arete, it is popular full day activity. Through the outdoor adventures, and residential stay, we incorporate a range of educational benefits for the pupils. Gorge scrambling can also be part of geography field work, looking at river processes and erosional environments or focusing on the river ecology. 

Courses of all lengths available throughout the year. A dedicated and experienced instructor is allocated per group. They will tailor the outdoor education programme, that will be flexible to adjust to pupil progression and weather.

Costs: As an example, a 5 day fully catered course starts from just £235 per pupil for courses in November – February.

How to Book: Please email info@aretecentre.co.uk or use our contact form. Let us know the time of year, approximate size of course, year group and any aspirations or learning objectives you may have.

 See our Primary or Secondary section from more information on our outdoor education courses. We also have a general Teachers & Leaders Guide.

All of our activities, including gorge scrambling, can be booked as a private session for any type of group. The gorge can be a half day or full day activity. It is also possible to combine with one other activity for a full multi-activity day. Possible combinations include gorge scrambling and canoeing, abseiling or rock climbing.

Costs: Regardless of activity combinations, £70 per person for a full day of activity, £50 per person for half day of activity.
Minimum payment of £280 for a full day or £200 for a half day of activity.

Discounts: For groups, every 10th person can attend for free. 10% discount for schools, colleges, scouts & guides, cadets and certain youth charities.

Ratios: We run our courses at low ratios of 1:11 or less to ensure your safety and maximum participation.

Included: Safety kit, wetsuit and / or waterproofs as necessary. Transport can also be provided if you are staying at Arete Outdoor Centre.

How to Book: Please email info@aretecentre.co.uk or use our contact form. Let us know your preferred date, approximate size of course, year group and any aspirations or learning objectives you may have.

More information: Please see our page on Adult Groups, Youth Groups or Family Activity.

We run Gold DofE Residential courses and Summer Camps during the holidays. Gorge scrambling can form a part of this 5 day multi-activity course. The accommodation is fully catered. You will meet like-minded individuals and have a great week of adventure.

2018 Dates: 9-13 April, 20-24 August, 27-31 August, 3-7 September.

Cost: £295 per person fully catered

How to Book: Please email info@aretecentre.co.uk or use our contact form. Let us know you preferred date.

More information: See our Gold Residential or Summer Camp page. Alternatively contact us if you have further questions.