Shared experiences are the most memorable. At Arete we provide Corporate Days which challenge individuals, whilst developing team spirit and lasting memories, which clearly make for a more productive working team.

We offer two different types of days Corporate Activity Days or Corporate Team Building.

Corporate Activity Days:

Choose from one of our many activities to provide an exciting and inspiring day for your colleagues:

  • Rock climbing or scrambling
  • Hill walking
  • Kayaking – sea kayaking, lake and white water
  • Coasteering and sea level traversing
  • Gorge walking

All activities provide the chance to challenge individuals, support each other and create memories which won’t be forgotten. Facing fears or participating in exhilirating activites can help to bring a team closer together when they share different experiences and challenges.

Corporate Team Building Days:

Team building activites allow a group of colleagues to work together to complete a task or work as a member of a team against others to add a competitive nature to the day. These opportunites allow individuals to showcase their skills.  Often these activities lend themselves to different natures and develop different skills.

Some key ideas team building allows:

  • Opportunites to experiment, developing new ideas, concepts and creative thinking
  • Problem solving and thinking skills needed – groups need to cooperate and communicate effectively
  • Push boundaries – people can challenge themselves in situations out of their ‘comfort zone’, often showing a different character than in the workplace
  • Potential to develop leadership skills and mentoring skills
  • Develop trust between individuals, whilst working under pressure
  • Experiential Learning – meaningful learning from direct experience allowing for the development of key
  • Time given to plan, complete a task and reflect on learning
  • Management to identify peoples strengths and weakness and reflect on ways to support or extend their professional development

Team building activites can take different formats from treasure hunts and code cracking to more specific challenges from raft building to ‘mission impossibles’. If you are interested in team building activites you can participate in one of our many tried and trusted activites or give us a ring and we can work with you to develop challenges related to your companies needs.


Arete Outdoor Centre can offer accommodation for overnight stays, either catered or self catered.  The Glyntwrog Inn is less than a 5 minute walk away for evening socialising.