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We run both Mountain Leader training and assessment courses using our centre in Eryri (Snowdonia), North Wales, as an ideal base. We use some of the most highly qualified, competent and diversely experienced course staff in the UK to run these courses.
Mountain Training courses aim to inspire, enable and develop people in walking and mountaineering through the provision of nationally and internationally recognised skills training and leadership qualifications. You can learn more about their vision, mission and ethos here.
The Mountain Leader award is designed for people who want to lead groups in the mountainous areas of the UK and Ireland in summer conditions.

Mountain Leader Training

Training Dates:


17th-22nd December 2023


£380 non residential
£455 residential

For Mountain Leader training courses you need to register with Mountain Training which you can do here. To register for the scheme, you must; be at least 18 yrs old, have at least a year’s worth of experience of mountain walking and be a member of a mountaineering council.  You should also have 20 Quality Mountain Days in your Dlog prior to attending a training course.

We use experienced course staff who are quality assured and importantly take many different groups into the mountains on a regular basis. We will cover all aspects of the syllabus, while tailoring each course, so that extra time is spent on the topics you need to work on.

At the end of the course you will receive individual debriefs on your current standard and key areas to develop if you are aiming for assessment. The course doesn’t end on the last day though, we can also offer advice and answer questions as you practice and develop your mountain leader skills.

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Mountain Leader Training Programme

Day 1: Initial introductions at the centre before moving on to the Welsh hills. Overview of the requirements and the skills needed to be a Mountain Leader. Particularly looking at navigation, route choice and general group management. Evening workshop on mountain weather. 

Day 2: After reviewing the weather, further work on macro and micro navigation in the mountains. During the day the contents of a leaders rucksack will be evaluated plus a continued overview on the mountain environment. Further work on route choice and methods of managing groups. Evening workshop on emergency evacuation. 

Day 3: Security on steep ground. We move onto a variety of rocky or steep ground features and look at safely managing a group in this ground.  Evening workshop introducing the rope and common knots. 

Day 4: Ropework day. Selecting anchors to safeguard steep steps on ascent and descent. Using the rope to safeguard the group and an emergency leader abseil. Confidence roping up and down slopes. Evening workshop on legal responsibilities of a Mountain Leader plus initial preparation for the expedition. 

Day 5 & 6: Mountain expedition over the Eryri (Snowdonia) hills. Two days out in the mountains with a wild camp and overview of camp skills. This will include poor visibility navigation and further work on route choice. River crossings will be covered as well over these two days. Return to the centre for debriefs to finish by 1630.


Mountain leader assessment

Assessment Dates:

12th -16th February 2024


£400 non residential
£440 residential

For the Mountain Leader assessment you need to have either attended a Mountain Leader training course or have been granted exemption by Mountain Training. Logged a minimum of 40 Quality Mountain Days in 3 different regions of the UK and Ireland and 8 nights camping including 4 nights wild camping. You will also need a valid first aid certificate.

Our assessors are supportive and friendly and keen to help you perform to your full potential during your Mountain Leader assessment. They are all quality assured by Mountain Training, allowing you to receive a fair Mountain Leader assessment.

We make sure you are clear on exactly what is required each day and give plenty of time for you to ask questions for clarification. We also see the assessment as an opportunity for further training and hope that you will come away with further useful mountain skills.

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ML Assessment programme

Day 1: Navigation overview on the mountain and initial look at environmental knowledge and route choice.

Day 2: Group management on steep ground. Looking after a group on rocky steps, steep slopes and loose ground as we travel through the mountains. This will include emergency use of a rope.

Day 3, 4 & 5: Mountain expedition days with two wild camps over the ranges in Eryri (Snowdonia). We will make sure that poor visibility navigation is covered, awareness of mountain hazards, and provide a safe, while enjoyable, day for your group. Debriefs will follow the expedition back at the centre to finish by 1630.


We can provide catered and self catered accommodation during your ML training or assessment course at our centre in Eryri (Snowdonia), North Wales. This would start on the evening of day 1 of each course. Extra nights can be booked either the night before or after the course. There are shared rooms in the centre or individual rooms at an extra premium. There are communal areas to relax around the centre in the evenings or a friendly public house next door. Self catering prices are £15 pppn, catered £30 pppn.


Take a look at the Mountain Training Syllabus for full information on the qualification.