White Water Kayaking

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White Water Kayaking

We have specialist kayaks to use down white water rapids. An exciting activity, white water kayaking is ideal for those that love an extra bit of excitement.

We are setup to take either beginner kayakers or those with white water experience that want to be coached on grade IV water.

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True sense of achievment, as you successfully negotiate that big white water rapid.

"It was such a great feeling doing the long rapid at the end. The water went straight over my head as I hit the last wave."
Ben Heath

Introduction to White Water

The thrill and excitement of paddling down white water rapids easily captivates the groups attention. There are many great introductory rapids and friendly waves to play on, in a safe and fun environment, around North Wales. We use rapids with flat pools below to introduce the group to the activity, allowing for spills and swims. 

If the group haven’t kayaked before we initially have a morning of coaching on flat water working on key kayaking skills. In the afternoon we then put these into action on the rapids. We tailor each activity day for your group, selecting the best venue and course content for them.  

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Improver White Water

For those that have experienced at least grade II rivers then we can improve your skills further or guide you down grade III / IV rivers. 

With expert coaching, we can make your paddling effortless while enjoying the many river North Wales has to offer. White water safety can also be covered and the logistics of running rivers safely.

Sit on Top White Water

For a simple session, to quickly experience moving water, we can use our sit on top kayaks. They are open, allowing the participants to easily get on and off.

We use them on some of the tidal jets, that have flat collecting pools, or on simple introductory rapids. After a short session on flat water we allow the participants to play and enjoy the excitement of moving water.

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Learning Outcomes

For Outdoor Education Courses

  • Understanding the river environment and associated hazards.
  • Acquire new skills handling the kayaks and put them into practice on moving water.
  • Make decisions to negotiate the best line down the rapids, being aware of others and hazards.
  • Environmental knowledge of the rivers and geographical understanding of their formation.

Activity Venues

There are many rivers around North Wales from grade I through to V. All are rain dependent and the exact venue that is used is very much dependent on the recent rain. 

The Llugwy offers great sections for beginners at grade II with sections of III. The River Dee is a more mature river near Llangollen that also has good introductory rapids.

Next to the centre is the River Seiont which is continuous grade III for improvers or the Upper Conwy is III with a drop of IV.

Harder rivers include the mighty Ogwen at grade IV or the iconic Fairy Glen at grade V.

We also use the tidal flow at Four Mile Bridge or the Swellies in Menai Straits as low water options.


White Water Kayaking Courses

White water kayaking forms part of our outdoor education courses at Arete, it is popular full day activity. Through the outdoor adventures, and residential stay, we incorporate a range of educational benefits for the pupils.  White water kayaking can also be part of geography field work, looking at river processes and erosional environments or focusing on the river ecology. 

Courses of all lengths available throughout the year. A dedicated and experienced instructor is allocated per group. They will tailor the outdoor education programme, that will be flexible to adjust to pupil progression and weather.

Costs: As an example, a 5 day fully catered course starts from just £235 per pupil for courses in November – February.

How to Book: Please email info@aretecentre.co.uk or use our contact form. Let us know the time of year, approximate size of course, year group and any aspirations or learning objectives you may have.

 See our Primary or Secondary section from more information on our outdoor education courses. We also have a general Teachers & Leaders Guide.

All of our activities, including white water kayaking, can be booked as a private session for any type of group. 

Costs: Regardless of activity combinations, £70 per person for a full day of activity, £50 per person for half day of activity.
Minimum payment of £280 for a full day or £200 for a half day of activity.

Discounts: For groups, every 10th person can attend for free. 10% discount for schools, colleges, scouts & guides, cadets and certain youth charities.

Ratios: We run our courses at low ratios of 1:11 or less to ensure your safety and maximum participation.

Included: Safety kit, wetsuit and / or waterproofs as necessary. Transport can also be provided if you’re staying at Arete Outdoor Centre.

How to Book: Please email info@aretecentre.co.uk or use our contact form. Let us know your preferred date, approximate size of course, year group and any aspirations or learning objectives you may have.

More information: Please see our page on Adult Groups, Youth Groups or Family Activity.

We run Gold DofE Residential courses and Summer Camps during the holidays. White water kayaking can form a part of this 5 day multi-activity course. The accommodation is fully catered. You will meet like-minded individuals and have a great week of adventure.

2018 Dates: 9-13 April, 20-24 August, 27-31 August, 3-7 September.

Cost: £295 per person fully catered

How to Book: Please email info@aretecentre.co.uk or use our contact form. Let us know you preferred date.

More information: See our Gold Residential or Summer Camp page. Alternatively contact us if you have further questions.